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 For Industry


The Office of Technology Licensing evaluates, markets and licenses technology owned by UPR. OPITT’s mission is to encourage effective technology transfer for the public benefit as well as generating royalty income for the University to benefit research and education.


UPR Objectives, Needs, and Desires
a) Commercial development for society’s use and benefit
b) Share in financial return from our investment
c) Management of potential conflict of interest
d) Indemnification
Services to organizations
  • Match organization’s goals and objectives with the staff and research scientists that will facilitate the organization in reaching such goals and objectives
  • IP management and technology transfer services, to the extent requested by each Organization or its faculty
  • IP and tech transfer training for faculty, students, staff and entities not related to the university
Services to Start-up and Pre-seed Companies
  • Business networking
  • Patent portfolio evaluation (legal, commercialization and technology aspects)
  • New product development and commercialization
  • Intellectual Property (IP) review
  • Support for strategic alliances management
  • On-site access to IP & commercialization databases
Our Partners
  • belong to the private, public, or non-profit sectors
  • value up-to-date information regarding UPRM R&D resources and facilities
  • share information about the needs and challenges they face
  • wish to explore opportunities for collaborative projects with UPRM
  • share information about current and future projects of interest to the UPRM community
  • are recognized as innovative organizations
  • are interested in recruiting top-notch students