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Promote Your Funding


The UPRM project database provides funding opportunities by including announcements of grants, prizes and other funding opportunities available to researchers, educators and students, professionals, nonprofit organizations, and businesses such as faculty or staff spin-offs.


Grants for several different funding types may be promoted in UPRM Funding Opportunities:



  • Research
  • Collaboration or Cooperative Agreement
  • Curriculum Development
  • Training, Scholarship, or Fellowship
  • Postdoctoral Awards
  • Visiting Personnel
  • Conferences, Seminars, and Workshops (attending or organizing)
  • Prizes and Awards
  • Publishing or Editorial
  • Travel
  • Equipment or Materials Acquisition
  • Facility Construction or Operation
  • Artistic Pursuit
If you are not the administering organization for the opportunity you suggest, please provide the contact information for the administering organization.