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This is a continuously updated and carefully organized repository of educational materials, documentation and other resources related to the Intellectual Property, such as:
  • UPRM documents (procedures/regulations, certifications, forms, legal documents, etc.)
  • Instructional resources (tutorials, periodicals, publications, recommended-readings, etc.)
  • Support Entities & Services (information and documentation about the numerous innovation and entrepreneurship services available from public, private and non-profit entities, such as, PRTec, ViTec, SBTDC, Trust. Etc.)
  • Training (information about upcoming workshops and other events that would be of interest to researchers and/or partners)
  • Bulletins (general information and updates that are relevant to the UPR community)
  • E-Learning (develop or provide educational modules for the UPR community)

It is our missions to help technology managers, professors, students and inventors to document leads, upload documents, assign and track action items, set and receive reminders, share reminders and be the go to website for innovation development related issues.

Inventors can access this portal in order to stay current on best practices for documenting the progress of their research projects, understanding fundamentals of intellectual property, search through relevant documents and articles and participate in E-Learning courses.