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What about sponsors?  

Sponsoring agencies sometimes require the University to disclose inventions that arise from work they fund. If the research that led to your invention was sponsored, please give details and a reference to the contract or grant agreement.

Record keeping is important. The United States grants patents to those first to conceptualize an invention and diligently reduce it to practice. The date the full conception of the invention occurred, the date the idea was put into practice, and diligence in translating concept to practice are key items to document. Inventors can document their research process from conception to reduction to practice by keeping journals written in ink in bound notebooks, each page dated and signed, with witnessed signatures. Notebook witnesses must be able to testify that they understood what the invention was and how it operated and that what you wrote in your journal was actually witnessed on the date entered. If additional materials are pasted in, a written reference should be made to them at the time of entry.